After the weekend: Summertime

We've had a busy past few days! There's been a heatwave around here, with yesterday reaching the high 80's and the forecast says it'll be in the 90's today.
On Thursday we went back to the petting zoo that we went to with the cousins earlier in the week. The baby goats are just the sweetest (I forgot how much I love goats!). 
Pizza night is Thursday around here, so we ate pizza and watched The Emperor's New Groove (cute movie!) later that evening. 
Friday was kinda overcast and rainy, so we did some shopping and spend the after doing crafts. 
Saturday we went to the beach for the morning, took an early afternoon walk, and crashed for the afternoon. 
Sunday was spent at my Dad's while the kiddos swam in the pool, and bam, now we are back to Monday! 

See? I said things were a bit busy! 

We are soaking up Summer though. It's been so nice to have it warm, and the kids being able to spend so much time outside! We basically eat a ton of fruit, swim whenever we can, and wait until it's cool to go outside and blow bubbles and play with chalk. 

Today is a normal Monday. Which means I'm doing all the Monday things and getting caught up and ready for the week. Getting up early has it's perks though-I already have so much done and it's not even 9 AM! 

May your coffee be strong and your day a good one! 

P.S I did get that much-needed hair cut! 


  1. I keep thinking Piper must be three she seems so much older than two. Its such a darling age. My grandson just turn two in June and he's fun.


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