Adventures With The Cousins

Yesterday we went on a little adventure with some of our cousins. A few towns over from us there is a little farm, and they have a small petting zoo there! The kiddos had SO much fun, and I've officially decided that I need a Flemish Giant rabbit to join our menagerie! Despite the heat (which didn't seem to both the kiddos) we had a great time! 

Our week here has been a busy one. On Sunday night we celebrated my niece's 9th birthday, and then on Monday night went to the drive-in to watch my sister and another niece's dance recital. 

Today I'm finally getting around to a lot of work (hello, two writing projects, a slew of emails, and a work meeting!), along with cleaning the house. 

I'm off for a third cup of coffee, and to water my potted potatoes (I'm growing my potatoes in a pot this year). 

Have a fantastic Wednesday!