4th of July, 2020

Happy July 6th! I hope you guys all had a great weekend! We had a wonderful holiday, making it into a long three-day week. It's been hot and humid here but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying the weather. Honestly, I love every bit of New England summers-even the heat and humidity. 

On Saturday we all gathered at my dad's for our big annual picnic. It was the first time in a LONG  time that the entire family has been together at one time and it was really nice. 

On Sunday I ended up going to the beach for the afternoon with the kiddos, my dad, and some of the siblings. It was super last-moment but totally worth it! We can home sandy and tired, and Adam and I made an early dinner of shrimp stir fry. Probably a good thing because the kiddos crashed by 8:30...

Now I'm ready for a new week. I've got my coffee and my to-do list ready to tackle! Anyone else have a weekly routine that they follow? I have certain days that I do certain chores (bathroom cleaning, watering plants, cleaning out the fridge, cleaning animal cages, etc). Monday is the one exception. It's my "recovery day" from the weekend (I wish I was kidding...).

Anyway. I have dinner to plan (I think that I'm going to make oven-fried pork chops) and laundry to start. 

Have a fantastic Monday! 




  1. Glad you all had such a great holiday. Fresh air, sunshine, water and cousins make for a delightful time!


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