Let's Talk School (or, my favorite homeschooling resources)

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Happy Wednesday, friends! We made it through half the week already! I don't know about you guys, but I can't believe that we are already half-way through the year!
I have a pile of laundry waiting for me, and I still need coffee, but I thought I'd take a moment to sit down and write a "real" blog post.

It's now officially summer and I'm sure that many of us are wondering what that means at the end of it, when school starts back up.

Adam and I had been tentatively planning on sending Adri to kindergarten this fall, but as we've moved further into the year and things have snowballed with COVID, we made the decision to keep her home this fall and I will continue homeschooling her.

If you are in the same boat as me, and looking at homeschooling your child the 2020-2021 school year, then you might find my little list of favorite homeschooling resources helpful. Please keep in mind that I was homeschooled through all 12 grades, and I have a very laid-back, natural approach to homeschooling.

Anyway, here is what I'm currently using (I'll add to this in the fall) for preschool, and will continue using for kindergarten.


Bob Books. These are the best and we used them when I was little!
4 Weeks To Read. I can't say how much I LOVE this little reading program! Adri is flying through it and loves it! I admit, it's a little expensive, but guys, it WORKS!


Okay, so Adri is really good with math (which baffles me, since it's not my strong suit). Anyway, she's pretty advanced with addition and subtraction, so we just play little games right now, and use the math in her workbooks.

Tug of War. We love this little card game!
Mathematics. This makes math fun and even Piper gets in on it!

Human body: 

Explore The Human Body. This is a fun, easy way to reference body parts.
So That's How I was Born. Really good for introducing children to reproduction and sex.
What's Inside You. I love Usborne books!
Human Body Activity Book for Kids: Hands-On Fun for Grades K-3. Adri loves workbooks, so I got this for her. 

Adri flies through these and they are mainly for fun, but we do them every day. 

My First Grade Workbook: 101 Games and Activities to Support First Grade Skills (My Workbooks)
Complete Book of Grade K


Italic Handwriting Series Book A


I don't really have anything in particular that I use. We have nature notebooks, go outside every day, and look up everything we want to know about leaves, trees, plants, insects, and more. 
Adam and I are both really outdoorsy, so I'd say that learning and teaching about natural science come really easily to us. The kiddos are basically immersed in it. 

Everything else: 

Everything else is just natural, every-day learning. We cook a lot, explore, play games, do puzzles, draw, paint, and read books all day long.
We also LOVE the ABC Mouse app for learning. It's a fun way for the girls to do something educational on their tablets! 

Okay. So how much and how long? 

We basically don't have a set school schedule. It's roughly Monday through Friday, but I sometimes teach on the weekends in the Wintertime. We do about 1 hour a day or book/tabletop learning in the afternoon, and the rest is just real life stuff. 
I took the month of June off from school, but we will pick back up again in July. We also take off school for the entire month of December (hello, busy month!). 

That's it! Pretty basic and simple. 

I'd love to know, are you homeschooling? If you are, is this the first time this year, or are you a veteran homeschooler?