It's been too long

It's been far too long since I've written a regular blog post. Summer has officially hit and we are busy enjoying it! With our state and the states around us opening back up we are able to start socializing a bit more and there are more places to go. 

Life has been really really full. Long walks, lots of cooking, playing games, cleaning, and just plain living. 
I decided to take the month of June off from school with Adri and it's been really nice to take things easy, just exploring nature, and doing "real-life learning". 

The weather has been lovely here. Hot and sunny, just the way that I like it. We can't wait for a beach day at some point soon.

Here are a bunch of photos from our past few weeks. As I said before, lots of hiking, playing, cooking, and living. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


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