This is the story of a very kind stranger

Adri received Kit for Christmas this past December. Since then, Piper has been equally obsessed with American Girls Dolls (she tries to do everything that Adri does), and out of pity, I've been letting her use one of my dolls (Kirsten) from when I was young. However, Kirsten is very valuable and began getting quickly destroyed by Piper's affection.

I posted an American Girl Doll FB group that I'm in, asking if anyone had a used doll that I could purchase for an affordable price and give Piper to love and play with. ⁣

A sweet lady contacted me and for less than 1/3 of what that value is, sent me a beautiful doll with not one, but TWO outfits. The clincher? The doll is wearing a unicorn dress, and, if you know Piper Mae, she LOVES unicorns with all her heart and soul.

I only hope that the dear lady that sent this doll knows how happy she made a little two-year-old girl.

p.s (yes, I sent her pictures!). ⁣


  1. What a sweet story of kindness and generosity. Often it is the little things like this that can have a real impact on a child. I can remember distinctly certain acts of kindness or generosity paid to me over the years, especially when I was young, and they have humbled me and inspired me to be on the lookout for opportunities to be a blessing to others. It is interesting about the Kirsten doll. My sister still has her original Kirsten doll in perfect condition because she always took great care of everything. She will likely give it to her daughter at some point.


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