These Days

Happy Wednesday! I feel like I've been neglecting this blog lately, and to be honest, it's simply that between work, homeschooling, and everything else I don't have that much time. One of my goals for this year was to take more time for myself and try to relax more. It seems that means less blogging (I still take tons of photos though) and more reading and long walks. 

I do stay very active on Instagram though (it's easier for me to pop on and off there) so you can always stay caught up by following me on there. 

So, our days. We haven't seen any family (other than a quick hello at a distance) for five weeks now. And Adam has been off work this whole time. We have been taking long walks, reading a lot, staying caught up on all our t.v shows, and doing lots of painting and coloring (well, the kiddos have). 

I've arranged the house and then re-arranged it, and the cleaning seems to be never-ending (I'm sure everyone else can relate). But that's okay. We have good days and bad days. Days that we do a lot and feel productive and other days that just drag by. On the good days, we enjoy it, and on the not-so-good-days, we muddle through until the next day and then we start over. 

I am happy that I've been able to stay working through all this, especially since Adam hasn't been working and also because it gives me something to do and stay busy. 

I'm sure that we are in the same boat as everyone else, and in some way that is a comfort. We're all in this together, right? Missing life being "normal", missing family, friends, and co-workers and (for many) missing going to work or school every day. 

So, overall we are good. Just waiting for this to all end, and hoping that things continue to get better and those that are sick heal. 


Before painting. 



  1. My husband's work has slowed but he has been able to work some. One of my girls works at CFA and she has been working this whole time, and my other daughter works at home, and one day in the office at the small company she works for.

    In many ways our lives are the same and yet not. I am mostly at home, as we usually have whoever is already out stop for groceries,etc.

    I love your photos. Praying this will all be over soon.

  2. Isn't that tree in the park just the best??!! lol Snowing petals.

  3. Same here. I always work from home so it's good I could go on as usual. Hubs's computer tech support business has disintegrated with the prohibition to visit clients in their homes. I enjoy having the kids around though. Our ministry of education is gearing up for long-distance learning for the rest of the year.


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