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The girls have been sharing a room now for while (we moved Piper in with Adri) and it's the sweetest thing to find them curled up together at night, sleeping soundly.

Their room is really small and it's kinda challenging to set up (the king-size bed takes up all the floor space). So the walls as an important part of decorating. When The Birth Poster reached out and wanted to send us these INCREDIBLE posters I knew just where I would hang them. 

Designed in a 1:1 scale, The Birth Poster provides you with unique and timeless illustrations that are personalized to your newborn's actual length at birth! 

That's right. This is Piper and Adri's exact size when they were born (Piper was almost a pound less, can you tell?)! 

These hang above their bed and they love looking at them. It's also a special reminder to me how much they have grown in just the past few years! 

The Birth Poster has kindly given me a discount for you guys in case you'd like to create your own unique remembrance of your little one's birth day.

P.s. The book they are reading is illustrated by the talented Amy Kavelaris. You can find it here on Amazon. It was one of the kiddos Easter gifts and they LOVE it. It's honestly one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen! 


  1. Cute idea and so nice the girls are doing well sharing a room!! My first 2 kids were over 2 pounds different in weight...but being one was a boy and one a girl that might be why...of course, when our older one is only 2...we are so busy running about after them, of course the 2nd one is smaller eh?? Ha...


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