how we're all surviving with social distancing

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! How's everyone hanging in there? I feel like the past two weeks have been MONTHS and I'm not even sure why. Like I mentioned before, other than Adam being home our daily routine has not changed much (other than not going out in public or seeing people). 

While we've been self-quarantining the past two weeks we have still been taking the kiddos outside (fresh air is good!) but we are careful to avoid going near people and have found some remote hiking places to explore. 

I'm ready for the weekend, even though the weekend is not really a "weekend" anymore. It's basically the same as any other day around here. Well, minus me being busy with work. 

I've been taking each day in stride, busy with work, school (for Adri), and keeping up with home things (my house has never been so clean). We've been crafting, doing art projects, playing board games, watching movies (I've caught up on all of Outlander and Poldark!) and cooking lots of good food. 

How's everyone doing out in the void? Are you staying at home as well? As introverted as I am I'm about ready to see PEOPLE again (I'm pitying my extroverted family and friends!) and can't wait until life goes back to "normal" again (I have a feeling that's not going to be for a while though!). 

I hope each one of you has a lovely weekend. I'm off to scrapbook with Adri Rose while Piper naps. 


p.s if you are need of a little Friday motivating, this is excellent

(photos are from my phone camera roll, some old and some new). 


  1. Same here. Our lives have changed so much in the past two weeks that it feels like months have gone by. Our country is headed for military lockdown with supermarkets closed and food rations distributed.


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