home, spring cleaning, feeling sick, and way too many photos

Hello everyone. This poor little blog has been getting neglected of late!

Honestly, though, I haven't really had the time to take photos and post. Also, we've been sick. At the same time that the announcement was made to start "social distancing" and most of the schools shut down in our area, we got sick. Both the girls and I had all the coronavirus symptoms (unpleasant, but not bad enough to hospitalize us) and I even went to the hospital to see if they would test me to confirm that was what I had. They didn't test (they are only testing at-risk patients right now) and sent me home to take it easy and self-quarantine for two weeks. 
Adam took off work last week to nurse the girls and me, and now he's laid off for the next three weeks, and then he goes back to work. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other here for a while! 

Strange times, are these not? I'm fairly introverted and work from home anyway, so this is not too out-of-the-normal routine for me, but it is so odd to have all the stores closed down. Adri (our social child) is missing all her cousins and aunties and has been facing timing them to keep them up-to-date on her life. She keeps asking when we can all hang out again. 

The good news is that for the most part, the girls and I are feeling MUCH better. We've been able to take a couple walks (keeping a safe distance from others) and everyone is sleeping through the night again. 

We have some snow forecasted for this afternoon, and while I'm sure that it's only going to be flurries, the girls are hoping that it accumulates so that they can play in it. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane (lol) during this strange time. While for me, our life is mainly (other than Adam having off work) carrying on as usual, I do know that for many, things are very different and lives are in upheaval. 

I hope each one of you is well, and continues to be. I'll try to pop in more often on here, and, if not, don't forget that I'm always more active on Instagram




  1. I'm so sorry you and the girls have been sick but glad you're better now. We are going through the same thing here with social distancing and everything in lockdown. My kids are so lucky to have each other for company though. We have ventured out to a few nature walks to keep from going crazy. Keep safe!

  2. I wondered if you were ill...it had been so long!! Glad you all are recovering. My hubby has virtually coughed his head off for nearly 3 weeks now...and FINALLY it is leaving. We did not go in as that was his only symptom...other than exhaustion from coughing, etc. Plus in this community, if you are medicare age, you can forget medical help. So I took care of him the best I could. SO FAR doing ok myself...hoping the very bad flu I had back in 1961 at age 9 will give me the immunity for this virus too. Rest up and get all the way well!!


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