our weekend

Lots of photos from our busy weekend. We went over to my dad's on Sunday to watch the game with (most of) the rest of the fam. 
It was a lot of fun, and we made it until the half-time show and then the girls were ready for bed. After we got home Adam and I finished watching the game. Our team won, so, yeah, we were pretty excited! 

This weekend is going to be another busy one. Adam's birthday is on Sunday, so I'm trying to figure out something fun to do with him. I think we are going to take a hike somewhere. 
My birthday is on Wednesday, and I'm celebrating with a "To All The Boys" party. The second movie is released on Wednesday (on Netflix) and a bunch of the sisters and nieces are coming over to watch it with me! If you don't already know, Jenny Han's books are some of my all-time favorites, and I LOVE them. 

Adri spent a good part of yesterday making valentines for all her cousins and aunties. She was so excited, she had to make some for Peppa too (we have a growing Peppa Pig community in the playroom right now, complete with homemade houses and furniture). 

Last night Adri's beloved little white mouse died. She knew that he was sick (and really, really old) so I didn't expect her to get as upset about it as she did. Adam saved the day and ran to the pet store (even though it was late) to get her a brand new mouse, and that consoled her quite a bit. 

It's been SO gloomy and rainy here in New England. We are trying our best not to go stir-crazy, but truth be told, this weather is getting just a little too much. We are all dreamy of hot summer days and the beach over here! 

I'm off to start my morning (I've started a new routine where I get up about an hour earlier than the girlies to drink coffee and get my morning started). I'm 100% a morning person, so it's been working really well and helping me to feel way more organized the rest of the day. 

Enjoy the photo dump! There are a lot of random photos from our week, as well as the weekend.

Happy Thursday!