Busy Bees

Happy Wednesday! We are still fighting cabin fever over here in the worst way. 
Tonight the sisters, sister-in-laws, and nieces are coming over for our To All The Boys party to watch the second movie tonight! I'm SO excited! 

Okay, moving on from the excitement. 

Saturday we took the girls bowling for the first time and they LOVED it. Adri got right into it and did a good job! Piper won (with a little help from Julia and me)! 
On Sunday we celebrated Adam's birthday at my dad's house. I made cheesecake and we had chicken and mashed potatoes and it was fun! 

Adri made the cutest little Star Wars valentines for her cousins (see below) and she taped some heart gummies on the back of them. She can't wait to pass them out! 

I'm off to start my morning and drink more coffee.
Have a great day! 


  1. Great photos of memories worth keeping!

    The valentines are so cute! What fun! Enjoy your movie night. I watched the first movie last year and really enjoyed it, even though I've never read the books. I'll definitely check out the second movie.


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