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Many of you dear readers were followers of Eyes of Wonder back in the day (for those that don't know what I mean, my mama had a blog for a few years and documented the life of our family). All of us children still have access to the blog (it's private now) and occasionally I go back to re-read her writings. I thought it might be a nice treat for some of the long-time-ago readers to see one of her posts again. 

A potentially frumpy day...

Uncomfortable little ones, under the weather. Long nights, restlessness. Short on sleep.

Dishes, laundry, and schoolwork to be done, diapers to be changed, meals to be prepared.

There's a softer, quieter, gentler rythym to be found beneath the illusory exterior, of potentially frumpy days.

You can't move quite as quickly while slinging a sleepy, feverish "little bird". And your own plans (good as they may have seemed) will have to be forgone, if you're going to allow them the time necessary for rocking, resting, nursing, in your arms, on your lap, looking at picture books, listening to stories being read aloud--Peacefully, quietly, making their way towards feeling well.

Though so small, perhaps not even able to tell you in words exactly what's wrong, or how they're feeling...

With their marvelous, God-given acuteness of understanding even the littlest hearts are aware of breathing in, listening to, being embraced by, learning of--Love, Himself, as His power is made perfect in your weakness.

In the offering of it up, the day is colored with the loveliest hues, softly it unfolds. Like a pleasant daydream, as you make your way along with little sleep, the non-essentials laid aside for now, in favor of the more important things of this hour. The very things that will bear the fairest, sweetest fruit, almost imperceptibly, in the days to come...

Rain is steadily falling outside. Drizzling. Somewhat cold. The branches on the leafless trees are dancing a slow dance in the sway of the yet mellow and mild March breezes. You know, inside of yourself, you can resist or embrace, this potentially frumpy day (a situation, person)......

But, the truth is ever and always, that the beauty of a day, the beauty of a home, the beauty of a relationship, is in the eyes of the beholder. And, as you extend love, intentionally, you can't help but be enveloped by it.

Little ones nap in older one's arms, while they read and write, or are lulled into rest, themselves, nestled beside the warmth of one smaller that knows them, loves them, trusts them, needs them, belongs~with them and to them.

Softly, music plays and the warm glow of candlelight casts a velvety easy-going cheerfulness to a could-have-been, dark and dreary day.

Fruit popsicles made.

Bubble baths are given.

Stories read.

Songs softly were sung.

Pillows fluffed.

Comforters wrapped snuggly.

Warm soup and hot bread.

Holding and cuddling, nursing and rocking. Soft kisses upon feverish brows.

Making my way along, tired, though peace-filled and thankful...

A few of my treasures. From the photo archives...

Happy second day of March, everyone.

May we look for, wait for, and find, the treasures and jewels; the peace, joy, growth, change, Life, and Love, amidst the frumpy-ness (the seeming inconveniences, annoyances, lack, frustrations-- things, people, and situations, we would have chosen to be otherwise), that life inevitably brings our way.

Lovingly, Jewels


  1. Your Mother was such a beautiful soul. What a gift she left for her children to read how loved you all are and to be able to dip into the past awhile.

  2. What a lovely and peaceful post to read today!

  3. So nice you have these posts still...still timely and lovely!!

  4. remembering those days when I had little ones , I loved your Moms posts . Thank you !

  5. I do thank you for letting us share these beautiful words They are a precious gift to us all

  6. I remember reading this way back then... What a long time it has been! I was single and dreaming of a family of my own. Since then, I've lived through many such a "frumpy" day. ☺ What a blessing your mama was to all who knew her.

  7. I loved your mama's blog. I know she is always with you. ❤

  8. Thank you, Rosie. I often think of your mama's blog and wish it were there still. xx

  9. Your mother was lovely and helped me so much as a new mom. Someday maybe these can be edited and put into a book. I would love to buy it.

  10. Hello dear Rosie. I have been off social media for a while and just came across your post about losing your dear mother. I am deeply saddened as her blog which I follow for years was a huge inspiration of family and homeschool and life to me. Please know I send prayers for you and your dear family. You mentioned you could share what happened to your mother, I would like to know. Are you able to share or give her blog a link, I would deeply cherish that too as I gleaned and enjoyed her post. I still wear the apron pattern she shared. Thank you


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