taking stock (winter edition)


Reading: old anthologies of Helen Aardsmas Mother's Companion (my mom had them, and I swiped them from my dad's to read). While I don't agree with everything that she wrote, much of it is so inspiring. I'm also reading this.
We have been reading a new Bible storybook for our morning readings, and it's this one that the girls were gifted for Christmas. It's really good, and easy for them to follow.

Watching: the latest season of Anne with an "E". You can read my thoughts on the show here. Oh, and I'm missing "Baby Yoda" and Friends, big time!

Outside my window: there is a wintery mix coming down (the children were all excited that it might turn into real snow), and it's chilly out there. I'm staying snuggled inside with my coffee.

Playing: we play games pretty much every day. This one is our current favorite (we got it at the thrift store over the weekend in new condition!), and it's perfect for Star Wars fans! We also got this new floor puzzle, and the girls love it.

Around the house: I've been on a cleaning and decluttering binge. That always happens around this time of the year, when we have been cooped up for a while and have been sick. I always feel like everything needs a good deep cleaning and decluttering.

In my kitchen: I'm currently eating a big salad for lunch (while Adri has nachos) and we are going to have fresh salmon for dinner. I'll probably add rice, veggies, and salad on the side.

The pet situation: over the weekend all of Adam's dreams came true, and we added a Bearded Dragon to our pet babies. His name is Bean, and he is really sweet. He's already bonding with us and the kiddos love him.

Plans: tomorrow is sister Julia's birthday, and we girls are all celebrating by going to the theater (with my kiddos) to see Frozen 2. Piper and Adri don't know yet, and they are going to be SO excited when they find out that we are going!

Making: we haven't been too crafty lately, but I am planning on making some windows stars either today or tomorrow to brighten my windows up.

I'm off to do some school with Adri, and once Piper wakes, we are going to make strawberry milkshakes.

Have a lovely Monday!