after the weekend: warm weather!

Hello, hello! I feel like I've been slacking in the blogging department lately. To be honest, it's just that things have really slowed up after the holidays, and we are kinda in a slump over here. 

We've pretty much just been dreaming about warm weather, sunlight, and swimming over here. 

We had a little glimpse of that this past weekend with temps of nearly 60 degrees and it was wonderful. We spent as much time outside as we could and it was the best! 
The bad news is that we are headed towards some chilly weather and possibly snow next week (I guess that's January for you...).

We've been taking things easy, reading lots of books, watching movies, and playing games. Oh, and lots of art projects! 

I'm off to clean my house and throw a load of laundry in to wash. 

Happy Tuesday!