'tis the season!

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Hello, and Happy Monday! 
Things have been SO busy here lately, which is about right for the season. 
This past week we went to a hotel for sister Nal's 18th birthday, and it was a blast! We awake to tons of fluffy white snow, which was exciting until it melted the next day...
Friday evening, we celebrated my dad's birthday and Nalia's (again), and Saturday night was my work Christmas party, which was so much fun! 

Such a busy weekend! 

I can't believe that this is the week before Christmas! This whole year has simply flown by. 
Adri and I have been slowly making our way through all the Christmas movies, and I made a little list of the rest that we have to see before next week. I've been saving my favorite for the last

Next weekend I have one last shopping trip to make (one more present and all the wrapping paper), and then it's off to Upstate NY to celebrate with Adam's family. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a trip to the movie theater to see the new Star Wars movie at some point...

Okay, I'm off to clean my super messy house and brew a new pot of coffee. 

Have a fantastic Monday! 

(photos from last week and our Christmas party below!)