Last minute gift ideas you don't want to miss!

(I received this product compliments of Winc, however, all thoughts and opinions are mine alone)
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Happy Wednesday! 
I'm not sure about you guys, but I feel like this month is flying by. Thankfully, I have all my Christmas shopping already done and only have presents left to wrap! 
In case you aren't quite as ready for Christmas as I am, I have a few last-minute gift ideas for you that I'm sure will be received with great joy.

Okay, gift idea #1.

Winc sent me over a box of wine so that I could try it, and I'm happy to report that I'm so pleased with it!
If you haven't heard of Winc, they are a super simple but really cool wine subscription box (because subscription boxes are all the rave right now!). You sign up, fill in a questionnaire with the wines that you like, and they deliver four bottles of wine straight to your door each month (you can cancel hassle-free at any time)! Don't want it every month? You can easily skip a month or pause your subscription! 
If you're picky (like me), you can go in and select your own wines! Or, you can allow them to select them based on your preferences. If you receive a bottle that you don't like you can let them know and they send you another right away-no questions asked!

You can also place a one-time order as a gift (thinking Christmas here!) or purchase a gift card. Honestly, I'd be thrilled to get a package like this under the tree!

The best part of this? Winc has given me an awesome link for you guys so you can try them out for yourself at the lowest price! 

So, details: Click here to get a discount, which gives you FOUR bottles of wine for $39 + complimentary shipping.
In case you missed that, that's less than $10 a bottle! So, even if you order now and then cancel, you can't go wrong!

Okay, one last thing, I'm sure what you are all wondering is how does the wine taste? I opened a couple bottles to taste them (ahem. so that I'd be able to tell you what I thought of them!). And I'm happy to report that I LOVED them. I ordered two bottles of red (dry red is my favorite wine), one of chardonnay, one sparkling white, and one rosé. I opened a bottle of red and the rosé and they were both so good! I'd say definitely worth the price!

Moving on to gift idea #2. 

I talk about KiwiCo a lot. And that's because I've used them for almost two years (actually, I think it's been longer) and we love them! Honestly, the very best STEM kid subscription box. Again, cancel or pause your subscription at any time. 
This would be an excellent gift for a child that you know (you can either order one box or maybe even a year subscription!). Click here to get 60% off your first box! 
You can read more about how KiwiCo works here

Idea #3

Jord Wooden Watches. I've worked with Jord two times in the past and can't recommend them enough. This would be a wonderful gift for a spouse or a parent. Their watches are not only really well-made, but they are classic and timeless. You can select from a bunch of options (they even have Apple Watch bands!) and find the perfect watch for the person you are gifting it to. 

Okay. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the gifts above (unless you happen to be looking for a gift for a beer lover (in that case you might want to get them this!) and then you're better off going with one of the watches!). 

This weekend is looking like a busy one for us. Hopefully, we'll get to go see the new Star Wars film. and Monday we have a birthday party for my nephew, so I'll probably not be back on here until after Christmas. In that case, I hope you have a special one. Merry Christmas! 
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