Christmas 2019

Hello, and happy Monday! We are soaking up this odd week-in-between-Christmas-and-New Year's over here. We spent the entire weekend doing absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful. We watched season 2 of Lost in Space, and I took the kiddos to the playground (twice), and we basically recovered from Christmas. 
Speaking of Chrismas, we had a lovely one. We went to New York to visit Adam's family, and it ended up being a pretty rushed visited since we only had Tuesday and Wednesday (we had to drive back Christmas Day for Adam to work on Thursday). We did have a wonderful time, though, and it was great to see everyone! 

The Monday before we left, we celebrated my nephew's eighth birthday, and that was a nice way to kickoff of the festivities. 
Yesterday my little sisters gave their last gift to my kiddos, which were two little guinea pigs. Adri has been wanting one forever, and she is SO happy. They named them Caramel Chester and Olaf. 

Tomorrow we don't have plans, since we keep the New Year's Eve plans really laid back around here-lots of food, something to drink, and to bed early (I know, #oldpeople or #parents-you pick!). 

Have a great Monday!