weekend things

Just a few snapshots of our weekend. On Sunday, we went over to my Dad's house, and Adam went hunting while the rest of the family went for a hike. 
We hiked one of the highest points in the area, and Adri did the whole thing with only a little help (being carried past some steep spots by her beloved Auntie Pig)! 

The time change is throwing me for a loop, and instead of getting more sleep, I seem to be getting less (thanks, kids). It being dark outside at 5pm isn't helping much either, come to think of it. 
Anyway, we are pushing past it, and I've pulled out more candles and am trying to embrace the season. 

Today it windy and rainy outside. The kiddos and I are going to work on a painting (well, I set it up and they "help" me), and I have some work, and other than that, it's probably going to be a slow day. We have some new books from the library that I'm going to read aloud to them, and I'll try to finish mine. 
The girls have been REALLY into dress-up lately, so that keeps them pretty occupied (as well as keeping me in stitches as a princess in a diaper passes by. Piper even slept in the Cat Boy costume last night!). 

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 




  1. I love when the kids dress up, we had pajama day today. I loved your pictures, they are adorable. Looks like ya;ll have lots of fun.

  2. Beautiful season, beautiful views, beautiful girls. Are those some of your nieces there? They are growing so tall


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