Our favorite board games (young child edition)

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We love board games around here; however, it took me a while after having children to figure out how to play board games with my kiddos. My solution? Find games that they can not only play, but everyone likes to play.
The weather here in New England is chilly now, and when it's not too cold and windy to venture outdoors, it's raining. Therefore we've been spending a lot of time indoors. Here's a little list of our favorite board games that we like to play around here (we have a lot of other ones, but these are the ones that get played on an almost-daily-basis).

Melissa and Doug Puzzles. Okay, they are not board games, but I feel like these need a shout-out. My kiddos both LOVE puzzles, and we have a lot of them. These get SO much use and are well worth every penny that you spend!
We have this Madeline floor puzzle, and it's fantastic (I only spent $5 on ours, but love it so much I might be tempted to pay the $$ on this if we didn't have it already!).

We also love to play matching/memory games and Old Maid


  1. Hi Rosie - Thanks for the great suggestions for games! I am always looking for gift ideas for my grandkids. I don't know if you have ever followed Mel's Kitchen Café blog but she does some very interesting and fun gift guides every year. She has five children of various ages. Happy Thanksgiving! Shirley


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