Hello and happy Sunday!
We've been busy here, getting into the swing of the holiday festivities. We are celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, and Christmas will be up north with Adam's family (Adri is super excited to meet some new little cousins that were born over the summer!). 

Here's a little of what we have going on lately: 

  • I went Christmas shopping yesterday and almost knocked out all of it (just a couple gifts left!), and it feels SO good to know that I can just relax and enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about gifts. 
  • We don't get our tree until the day after Thanksgiving when our Elf comes out, but I have been slowly introducing some Christmas decorations here and there, and so far, I don't think Adam has even noticed! 
  • Poor Adam has been sick with a fever all weekend and is feeling terrible. It seems to have finally broken, and hopefully, he's feeling better by the time heads to work tomorrow morning. 
  • I have some fun content coming to the blog later this week, so stay on the lookout for it (I'm working with a brand I really like, and that's always fun).
  • The girls and I are heading over to my dad's later for family dinner (Adam is going to stay home and feel sick), and that means I should probably dress my kiddos at some point today. 
  • We pulled out all our Christmas books the other night, and that's always super exciting. It's fun to re-read books that we haven't read in a year! 

Have a great Sunday!