Houseplant Care 101

One of the questions that I get a lot is about our houseplants. Adam and I both love plants and gardening. During our last two moves, we ended up losing more plants than I'd care to admit (some of them did not handle the move well at ALL), but thankfully, not everyone suffered. I'm happy to report that the plants that I have left seem to have stabilized and are doing really well now.

Okay, so on to the plant care. There are a few rules that I follow when caring for our plants, and it seems to work pretty well.

To start with. We have a variety of plants. I have a huge fiddle leaf fig, my rose and orange-scented geranium (I combined two geraniums), my giant Mama Pothos, a rubber plant, a dragon tree, two Christmas cactus, a rosemary plant, and a TON of succulents (I'm sure I'm missing some other plants too).

Okay. So, I figure out what amount of sunlight each plant need and sent them accordingly around the house. My aloes wanted more sunshine than what I have here, so they are still at my dad's house.

I only water once a week, and it's usually Mondays. They see to do best when I'm consistent on the days that I water, so I try to stick with that. Remember, with most plants (especially succulents), it's better to underwater than overwater them.

I also cut them back fairly often. While they might look good overgrown, it's not healthy for them. I give most of my plants a haircut every six months or so.

Spray them down. Our place is relatively dry (this won't apply to you if you have a damp house), so every 10 days or so I give everyone a spritzing with the spray bottle.

Fiddle Leaf. With Mister Fiddle leaf, I also rub some coconut oil on his leaves every month. It seems to keep him nice and shiny.

Other than that, I make sure that everyone has a big enough pot to grow and in and isn't crowded.

That's it! If you have any questions, just leave a comment, and I'll be sure to answer them!


  1. I love your plants..i just got a thanksgiving cactus this morning..i have a lot of jade and other cactus in the back plants..thanks for the tips..

    1. I love Christmas Cactus! I have two of them!

  2. Annie, How do you keep rosemary going? Time after time, when i move them in, they dramatically expire. I thought they should thrive in the dry farmhouse air,..

  3. I've always had trouble with rosemary too. This one is the first in awhile that has lived so long! I think it might be because I'm making sure that I give it a lot of water (mine have dried out and died in the past). Oh, and spraying the plant with a squirt bottle seems to help too!


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