taking stock 10/21/2019 {autumn addition}

Loving: this Fall weather in New England! This is one of the things, beautiful as it is, New York does NOT have. There is about ONE nice "Fallish" weekend and then snow. That's it. Here in CT, we've had so many lovely weekends and have been able to enjoy the changing leaves and still go outside.

Cooking: I'm still struggling to get back on track with the cooking after the move. We did find this at the thrift store the other day and are planning on making some of the recipes. Is anyone else a massive fan of that show?


Doing: we live in town again, the same as in Vermont, and right down the road from the park (and a playground). Our new weekend tradition is to take a walk down to the park after breakfast (either on Saturday or Sunday) and watch for ducks. The girls love it! 

Planning: all the Halloween stuff. Piper is big enough to get into things this year, and even though she's wearing our old piggy costume here (Adri wore it two years ago), she's going to be something else this year.

Busy: we've been going to the playground a lot since the weather has cooled off. It's one of the things that I'll miss once it's too cold to venture outside! 

Accomplishing: Adri went in for her 6-month tooth cleaning, and I was so proud of her! She was so friendly and talkative, and she really liked that she got to see where I went as a child (it's the same dentist we went to as kids). 

Reading: besides a bunch of Halloween related books (I really love this one that I found at a thrift store), I just read this, and it was excellent. If you are looking for an easy-to-read thriller, then this is for you!  

Enjoying: having all the plant babies back again. They love all the sunlight in this new place and are soaking it up!  

Doing: we finally visited our new library. Well, it's not too new, since it's the one that I went to growing up, but still, it's new to us now. The girls loved it, though, and I'm sure as soon as we stop being able to go to the playground, we'll be going there a lot! 

Creating: not a whole lot. We've been doing some Fall crafts though and watching some Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?). This weekend we are planning on carving pumpkins.


  1. I was looking forward to CT photos and you did not fail to deliver! So beautiful!


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