Settling in

Hello, hello! I feel like I have been missing in action in the blogging department. Probably because we are still settling in and unpacking. Anyway, here I am! 
We are loving our new place. Once again, we are right in town (the same as in Vermont) and within walking distance of everything. It's so strange being back in the town that I grew up in (did I mention that I have the same zip code again?). Adam is loving his new job and settling right in.
I still have a lot of boxes of books to unpack, but almost everything else is now on the shelves and stowed away. 

Our new place is a bit smaller than our house in VT, so it's a good thing that I got some practice navigating a smaller space there because I feel like I was better prepared for this place.

I found this lovely copy of Jane Eyre while I was thrifting the other day, and now I'm rereading the book (even though I've read it SO many times) solely for the sake of holding this beautiful book in my hand. 

We are trying to get back into the swing of things with school (I got a little thrown off with the move), and we even set up the nature table today! 

So, the photos. I've only been taking pictures on my phone lately, and need to pull out Alice (my camera) at some point soon. Anyway, there are a bunch of pictures of walks on the beach, my nephew's birthday party, and some shots of the new place. 

Have a great Tuesday! 





  1. I'm sorry you had to leave your VT home, but I'm glad you're back in CT--maybe we'll meet up randomly one day....I love going to the Niantic area and you're right in time for the foliage :) May you enjoy many great memories with your little family where your childhood family grew up. Thanks for the post. :)

  2. Adorable. I look forward to many Connecticut photos from you! :)

  3. How exciting! Blessings to you and your sweet little family.


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