Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm ready for the weekend over here! Tonight we are having pork chops and bacon cooked in sauerkraut for dinner (watch my Insta stories for the recipe), and sister Sophia is coming over to watch Bewitched with me (we're whittling down on the Halloween films over here).

Anyway, I'm back again with some favorites from our week, so get ready to start scrolling! 

1. these little cuties are really into drawing and painting (not that I'm complaining), and it's fun watching what they come up with! 

2. for the first time moving, I took some before and after photos (these are after, in case you can't tell). It was fun to look back and see what a difference only a few weeks make when it comes to settling in! 

3. more playground photos. The girls love living around the corner from the playground, and we go almost every day. 

4. that girl up there turned SIXTEEN the other day, and I can't believe it! We are celebrating her birthday tomorrow night. 

5. some snapshots from dinner the other night. Adri has been setting the table, and it's so cute. She makes sure that everyone has water as well. Now I just need to get her going with the clearing the table off. 

6. the girls and I collected leaves and made forest fairy crowns last week. They've been wearing them all over the house, and it's pretty cute. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your house looks super!! And looks like your girls have artistic talents!!


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