after the weekend: exploring and moving

Hello and happy Wednesday! I figured that a Weekend post was better late than never, right? It's been a while since I pulled Alice (the big camera) out and so these phone photos will have to do. 
We had quite the weekend! On Saturday, we went exploring, and I took Adam to a place that we used to visit when I lived in the area (10+ years ago!). They had chickens there, and Adri had a blast feeding them. She's now added chickens to the list of animals we need to get (two dogs are still at the top). 

Today I'm working on more unpacking (yesterday I got all the kitchen stuff unboxed). When we move, it usually takes me a week to settle in and unpack, and then another 6 months to really settle in. So, I estimate that by April we'll have the artwork hung on the walls.

This morning I've already been awake for an hour or so (it's 6:00 am here) because I find that with all my writing for work I don't feel so inspired to type out a blog post afterward. Sooo, hence the early-morning-blog-post coming at you.

I'm off to drink more coffee (I've already had a cup), shower, and plan my day. If I'm really on top of things, I'll get some venison meatballs in the crock-pot this morning for dinner.

Happy Tuesday! 

(p.s enjoy the photos of my grubby kiddos-Piper is at the age where she is NEVER clean. Literally. #toddlerlife)


  1. Guinea fowl! I love those. We've been raising chickens for close to a decade now and I literally can't imagine my life without poultry.


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