Piper Mae: 24 Months Old

My sweet, darling baby girl is two years old. To be honest, I'm kinda going to miss typing out these monthly updates. 
Piper has always been such a little go-getter. She rolled over when she was just two days old, and then again at two weeks. After that, she never stopped moving! 
  • She started walking at the end of nine months old and has kept me holding my breath with her antics.
  • She just took off talking for real and loves that everyone understands her. She's super sassy (like her sister) and says "Mommyyy" when she's annoyed (insert eye roll). 
  • She LOVES food. And that is an understatement. Let me type that again: SHE LOVES FOOD. She'll eat any and everything and tips her head back and says "yum" when she really likes something. 
  • She loves to watch the little kids show Masha and The Bear, and she's a big fan of P.J Masks.
  • She likes to play with Adri and jump on the trampoline.
  • She loves to read books and play dress up. 
  • She's my buddy. Even at two years old, she's attached at the hip to me. She's my shadow, following me everywhere. 

It's been an incredible two years with Piper Mae, and we are looking forward to many more! 

Happy Birthday, dear, sweet, wild little Piper!