Peach Salsa Recipe

Our growing-plants-in-buckets worked out pretty well this year, especially considering that we had to move those buckets in the back of a van to a whole new state. 
Anyway, we had jalapenos planted, and they did great! We let one pepper stay on the plant until it was ripe (red) but the others that we harvested green. The other day I chopped up some of them, added some other ingredients, and made yummy peach salsa. 
In hindsight, I would have put in fewer peppers, since it was pretty spicy; however, it was still delicious. 

Easy Peasy Peach Salsa.

You will need: 

Three whole peaches pitted and chopped.
Half a small green jalapeno, and one small red jalapeno, both seeded and finely minced (add less if you want less heat). 
Three large tomatoes, chopped. 
A couple cloves of garlic. Peeled and minced.
A splash of extra virgin olive oil. 

To make.

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl, cover, and place in the fridge to set for a couple hours before serving, The longer you give the flavors to blend, the better it tastes!