Fall Bucket List 2019

It's like we hit Fall with a bang after the 1st Day of Autumn, and all the leaves are changing at once. I guess it's just in time for our move into our new place tomorrow! For those of you that don't know, we moved from Vermont in about a month and have been staying with family while we found a place to live. We are finally moving in tomorrow, and are SO excited to finally get settled in for real this time. If you want to follow along be sure to stalk my Instagram ;)

I realized that I haven't gotten around to posting our Fall Bucket list for this year yet, and it seems that since we are "officially' in Autumn it's about time! 

Here's a little list of what we plan to do this season. 

+Pick apples. I know, I know. It's pretty cliche, but I still want to visit a farm and pick apples.
+Carve pumpkins. Duh, of course. 
+Celabrate Halloween. It's one of my favorite holidays and I'm so excited about it! 
+Rake leaves and jump in them. A favorite with the kiddos. We have to wait for the leaves to fall through.
+Make apple sauce. I don't really like pies, but apple sauce is the best. 
+Read all the "Fall" themed books. 
+Cuddle on the couch. 
+Make butternut squash and bacon mac and cheese. I make this every year around this time, and it's the best. 
+Make lots of soups. I love soups. Hot soup, cooking all day and served with warm, crusty bread. Yes, please. 
+Dry oranges and make a garland. 
+Visit the cider mill. We already did this one though, so does it count to still add it? 
+Make hard cider (well, more like make Adam make hard cider for me). 
+Make a leaf "banner" with the kiddos. 

I'm sure I'll add to this as we go. Does anyone else have any fun Fall plans?