An Eyes of Wonder Post

Every so often I like to share here one of my Mom's posts from her old blog, Eyes of Wonder. I know that many of you miss her blog, and so I like to share some of my favorites on here, from time to time. 

Embracing what presently matters the most, again and again...

It's a mystery, that a child can be all brightness and cheer at the close of one day, only to awaken rosy-cheeked, droopy and feverish the next.

Such was the case with Celeisa on Sunday evening and mid-morning on Monday. Fine on Sunday. Feverish, cryish, sleepy, and wanting nothing but to be held and nursed by mama, by Monday afternoon. Which, by and by, resulted in a nice long deep sleep.

I find it likewise mysterious, that within one person, namely, a mother, could reside two such distinctly opposed natures. The one, so sensitive and acutely attuned to delicate nature of sickness, discomfort, suffering of the body or heart, that it would tend to shrink back, in hesitancy, lest it by any chance cause further discomfort or pain--as though tending to a fragile wounded bird, a butterfly with a damaged wing.

While the other, diametrically opposed to the first, responds seemingly without thought, effort or restraint, rising to the occasion with astounding rapidity. Swift and fearless. Rock-solid strength. Knowing just what do to, what to say, how to be--as though the one being tended to, is merely an extension of themselves, and not pausing for a moment in moving out and in to do so.

How I treasure my priceless possession, of the gift of a mother's heart.

While all the other children busied themselves outside; planting some lettuces, peas, radishes, and spinach, in the garden: working on tractors: jumping on the trampoline: playing Little House, I remained inside, indulgently tending to sweet Celeisa.

Ah, the joy, in holding her close, nursing her, loving her, while she wasn't feeling well. I sat quietly aside, "drinking her in", while she slept. Her soft beauty, inside, the joyous sounds of all the other children, happily playing, outside.

The house was more than a bit discombobulated, as I laid all aside to be with my baby, and the others made their way outside to give her quiet, in which to rest. But, there was love, for us all. Love filled our day. And for me, the day was so special. Especially so.


  1. Thank you for that....truly! It does my heart good reading your mama's words.

  2. Thank you for sharing!! What a still have record of your mom's thoughts!! No doubt things written about each one of you too!!

  3. Such sweetness! Thank you for sharing! xx

  4. Ahhh what a timely post for me right now! I'm reading it while lying down and nursing Hadassah, who is feverish and not feeling so well. You have blessed me so much by sharing this. Thank you. ♥

  5. Thank you. As I was reading I could almost hear Yiruma in the background! : )
    And still...tears sprang to my eyes.

    1. Same here! Yiruma will always be associated with sweet Jewels for me.


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