after the weekend: lazy at home

Hello and happy Monday! I used to really love Mondays, the fresh start to a new week and all that. However, after having kiddos I've come to really NOT look forward to Mondays. I have found that they do go better if I plan on Sunday for it though. I sit down and make the weekly menu, mark all the things that need to be done in the coming week (appointments, errands that need to be run and calls that I need to make) and then clean the house and tackle the laundry. If I don't prep the day before my Monday is sure to be thrown off, and I'm am SO much less productive. 
Anyone else feel me here? Does anyone else have a ritual of preparing for Monday on Sunday? 

Okay. Moving on. 

We had a great weekend. Thursday night we went and visited Wesley and Claire (my brother and sister-in-law) at a campground they were staying at nearby with some family friends that were visiting from out of state. They have been converting an old school bus into a camper for the past few years (if you've been around here for a while you already know all about the bus) and they took it with them. It was pretty fun seeing the bus in action! 

Saturday we hung out and went thrifting. We smoked a venison roast (Adam shot two deer so far this year) for dinner, and it was delicious (my apologies to any vegetarians reading this!). 

Sunday we took it easy and relaxed. Since it was Hobbit Day, we celebrated the way that we usually do with Mushroom Pie. It was the first time that we had eaten it in a while, and it was, as usual, so good. We use the same recipe (one that I made up) every time. We also planned on watching the old cartoon version of The Hobbit (we grew up watching it before the Peter Jackson films came out) but watched You've Got Mail instead.

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Also, Happy First Day of Fall! The weather here in New England is already growing chilly in the mornings (warming right back up in the afternoons though) and I had to bring all the house plants in off the deck. We are planning all the Fall activities, and I'm ready for Halloween (my children not so much, since they can NOT decide on what they want to dress up as this year!). 

Now it's been a super busy Monday, and I'm ready to move on to Tuesday tomorrow. Sunday planning or not, I'm no longer a Monday fan ;)




  1. What fun! I love your wooden bowl. It looks so rustic and homey.


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