Friday Favorites

 1. one of the highlights of moving has been all the time that we've had to spend with family. Long walks, and big family dinners. Adri has really loved being able to see so much of her cousins.

2. my little sis has been making smoothies for the girlies and they are in heaven. They are the perfect summer morning breakfast.

3. that little $6 pool is getting ALL the use right now. Believe it or not it fits a lot of kiddos! 

4. the kiddos have been eating all the cold popsicles and I don't even mind. At this point, it's anything to stay cool and hydrated. 

5. Piper pushing around a little wheelbarrow was the cutest. She also learned how to throw toys for the dog to fetch (this was at my brother's place) and she was so nervous but really proud of herself 

6. Adam and I went on a date night (the first in a LONG time) last Saturday and afterward walked by the ocean. I'm really enjoying showing him all the places that I love in this area.

7. Adri was on the hunt for a ring pop, and for some reason, we couldn't find one anywhere. We finally did and she was SO happy. #ringpopsforlife

8. Taco Tuesday out with the fam. This was so much fun, even though we had to take Piper outside in shifts to walk around (she lasts about 20 minutes in a restaurant). The food was, as usual, great though! 

9. dinner last night. We've been grilling out all week in order to not heat up the house and so far the Italian marinated chicken has been the favorite. 

10. who knew that mud puddles could be so fun? Or such great babysitters? Seriously, this puddle kept them occupied for a solid hour long.

11. some more photos from the crab races. It was definitely the highlight of the week!

12. my baby. Fresh from the tub, and looking adorable and wearing the new outfit that Auntie Mandi bought her.

That's it! Have a great weekend everybody! 


  1. Ahhh, beautiful Connecticut scenery! Lovely happy girls and good family fun.

  2. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and I read your Mom's blog also. Love all the pictures. When the next time you post a family shot, could you ID the members? Thanks!



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