Hello! If you've seen my most recent Instagram post, you will know that we've moved! From the time of making our plans to moving it was a short 4 weeks. We are now settled in CT and staying with family while we find a place to live.
There were a few reasons for the move; more work opportunities for Adam, being nearer to family, and not completely liking the town that we were in living in VT.
It's been pretty great to be nearby family again, and the kiddos are loving that they get to see their aunties and cousins nearby all the time! Adam loves his new job so far, and we are settling right in.
We are getting ready for the weekend and have some plans for a little family day tomorrow before Adam is gone for a week working out of state.

Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you for the update Rosie. I know it's wonderful being close to your family again. Wishing you all the best as you make this change. Can't wait to hear more.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Wow, was not sure if I was reading this right...but a move in a month's easy feat!! But happy for you to be close to loved ones again!! Hope you find a good spot to live ere long too!!

  3. Wow! Moving twice within such a short span of time must be exhausting. I hope you'll be settled in CT in a permanent home soon and will stay there for a good long while. Xoxo

  4. Sounds like a good move all the way around!! Lord Bless You all!!! ~


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