Piper Mae: 22 Months Old

We have only two short months left, and then Piper Mae turns TWO YEARS OLD!
These past two years have really flown by, and it's a bitter-sweet thing. While on the one hand, I love as the girlies get older and understand more, I also know that the following years will go by just as quickly. So, yes, a lot of emotions going on over here. 
Piper Mae is really changing, and she's getting so big. I realized the other day, that although I keep calling her "the baby" she's really a toddler now. 
  • Piper Mae loves life. She's a happy, smiling, laughing little person. I'm so glad she got past the stage of crying every time she saw a person (yup, it was a real thing for almost a whole year). 
  • She loves food and reading, she loves to swim, and she is really good at helping in the garden. 
  • She's trying to learn to ride a bike (like Adri) and can sing every song she hears, as well as dance all the time. 
  • She's BIG into helping clean the house (I don't know what it is with my kiddos loving to clean) and she sweeps really well already! 
  • She's a fan of animals and coloring and painting. 
  • She is talking a lot now and can say pretty much every word she's asked to. I ask her to say a word, and if she doesn't want to, she'll just nod her head yes (that she CAN say it lol). 
  • We still have to discourage Adri from talking for her (like she's been doing since Piper was born). 
  • Piper still nurses (more than I like-any weaning tips?), and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. She takes one short afternoon nap (around 1pm), and that's it.
I still can't believe that we have two more of these updates and then we are done (I stop posting after she turns two).
For those that may be curious, here is Adri Rose's update at twenty months old (that last time I posted before she turned two)!


  1. Very gorgeous little girl...such pretty eyes!!! Watch her well, Mama!! Amazing the girls are already their ages!!


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