More Than Enough: Book Review

I first "discovered" Miranda a couple years ago. I fell in love with her photos, her adventures, her words, and her sweet family (little Plum is adorable!).
Then, about a year ago, she began a podcast, talking more in-depth about her thoughts, dream, plans, and life, and I started listening right away. Since I only listen devotedly to a small number of podcasts, it means that I really, really, like Miranda's.
So, now knowing how much I love Miranda, you can understand my excitement when she announced that she was writing a book. I received an advance copy to read about a month ago and read it in one short day (I'm a speed reader).
Miranda's book, More Than Enough, is about her family's "experiment" a few years ago when they decided that they had enough of "stuff" and spent a year not buying anything other than consumable goods. Instead of buying things, they invested money in experiences, taking trips as a family, and doing fun activities.

Now, what I really like about this book is that it's part memoir, part workbook, and a little bit of everything else in between.
Miranda is not advertising that everyone stops buying things; however, she instead encourages readers to take a step back and look at everything that we have in life, rather than what we don't have.

I know that this is a pretty hot topic in general right now, with the boom of influencers on Instagram, and them making money off of telling everyone to buy, buy, buy. The pressure to purchase things is not just coming from advertisements, but it's now coming from people whose lives we simply follow with interest (some of whom we know in person, and others that we have never met).

That's why Miranda's book comes at such a timely moment. It's an encouragement to try and focus more on things that have lasting value, and pay less attention to the many things surrounding us that we are told that we need, or worse, want.

I found this book (along with Haley's) to be an encouragement, if only because it shows that in today's bustling, busy, over-commercialized world, it is possible to find simplicity, Without moving off-grid to the middle of the wilderness ;) This book is practical, family-friendly minimalism at it's finest.

In the words of Miranda, "Less stuff, more adventure." Yes, please.