Friday Favorites

We are ready for the weekend! Is it just me or does this year seem to be flying by? I can't believe that we are already half-way through the year! 
We've been spending every moment that we can outside, with lots of trips to the playground. I have been feeling a bit bad that we have hardly been to the library this summer, and then I realized that I'm sure we'll be there plenty once the cold weather hits-so I'm not feeling so bad about taking advantage of these lovely hot days now. 
It's been far too long since we had some Friday Favorites around here so I thought I'd share some recent (and not so recent) photos along with things I've loved lately! 

1. This little soul. She's getting SO big and really growing up. She has the sweetest little laugh and keeps us all on our toes. 

2. Adam has been fishing a lot, and I am enjoying feasting on it. Since he doesn't really even like to eat the fish that he catches, I freeze them and then take them with me to CT when I visit so that we can all feast on them.

3. Every time we go to CT, we go swimming. There is a lovely lake that the girls love to swim in, and that works perfectly for me since there are no waves and we don't have to worry about kiddos being caught up and swept away. We also have been swimming in the river here at home in Vermont, and that's pretty great as well. 

4. The love that this little lady has for food is something else and a refreshing change after my picky eater Adri Rose!). She loves food so much I'm not sure if it's healthy (definitely makes for fat, chunky thighs though!).

5. Miss Adri has always really been into puzzles and can do them on her own. She's gotten so good at them and is branching out to do more difficult ones now!


6. Ice cream has been a big hit (well, it always is) this summer and Piper's first DQ experience had to be captured. She ate the entire cone on her own!