Exploring in New Hampshire

Last week we put on our shoes, threw some water and snacks in a backpack, and grabbed our trusty Ergo Baby Carrier and headed out to explore a new (to us) place in New Hampshire. 
Until we got there, I hadn't really read anything about the place, but apparently, the Madame Sherri State Forest has a unique history. 
The girls were troopers, and Adri hiked the whole way, and Piper hike part of the way up and the entire way down-both in bare feet (I had shoes, I promise-they just insist on going barefoot everywhere!).
We had a beautiful afternoon, and I'm sure that we'll be going back to explore some more again soon. 
In the meantime, I've been reading everything that I can about the mysterious Madame Sherri and her "castle" (side note, Charles LaMaire, the famous costume designer was her assistant and later her financial supporter).
If you come to visit us, I can promise that we'll be taking you here, at least for a very short hike to the castle ruins so that you also can enjoy this strange and exciting place! 


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