after the weekend: it's summer!

I feel like this poor little blog has been getting neglected lately. There are a couple reasons, one that work has been busy and I literally don't have time to type more than I do for work, and also, it's summer. And that means that we've been busy, and outside a lot, and that is fine by me. 
Speaking of summer, this past week has been HOT. It's been in the 80s every day and this week is forecasting moving into the 90s. 
Last week I was down in CT for a few days for a concert (Josh Groban in Providence, and it was awesome) and we went swimming (of course). 
This week are getting ready for the 4th of July (which also happens to be my Gammy's birthday), and that is pretty exciting because #familypicnics.
On Sunday we went to visit Adam's parents, and they took all of us to the zoo (it was Adri's birthday present). It was a small, local zoo, and the best part was that there were a lot of animals walking around that the girls go to pet (tortoises, a fox, sheep, and kangaroos). It was so much fun, and the girls had a blast! 
I've been getting out every day and going for a walk with the girls, and it's really been great. It was one of my goals this year, and so far it's been working out (yay for crossing off at least one New Year's Resolution). We have a nice little loop that we go through town, usually ending at the playground (earning my mom brownie points). 

Tomorrow Adam has off work, so we plan to pack a picnic and go down to the river to swim for the afternoon. After being so busy lately, a lazy afternoon by the water sounds perfect to me.

One last thing, before I sign off. The company that I work for (Flocksy) is looking to hire a couple more copywriters again, so if you like writing and are interested in having a side gig working from home and making some extra cash just email me at  forestglademaid(at)gmail(dot)com

Now, I'm off to take our walk, and finish cleaning, and maybe, just maybe tackle the six loads of laundry laying on my bedroom floor that need folding. 

Have a great Tuesday! 


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