After the weekend: hot summertime

We are officially in some hot Summer days now. This past weekend and so far this week it has been in the high 80's, and I'm not complaining. In fact, it's been pretty great. We all have a good tan started (don't worry, we use lots of sunscreen), and the kiddos hair is already bleaching blond(er).
Saturday we went downtown for the parade, and that was fun. It was hot, and we only lasted through the band and some finely dressed heifers, then got strawberry ice cream and made our way home, but we still had a blast.

So far, our week has been busy with work, walks, and a playground visit. We planted more veggies over the weekend as well, so I was pretty happy that it rained last night and this morning since they needed a good watering.

The weekend's plans are including a trip to CT for Father's Day at the beach (the same thing that we did last year). I'm more than ready for a Sunday spent sunning and swimming.

Today we still have to take our walk, go to the bank, and grab some groceries. You know, just normal life.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!