Piper Mae: 20 Months Old

Our sweet little love bug is already twenty months old. Just four short months until she's TWO years old!
Miss Piper Mae is talking a lot more now, and as we figured, she has lots to say. She's quite the little busy body, and still the sweetest little cuddle bug.

At 20 months old Piper has a lot of favorite things to do:
  • She loves playing at the playground and can go down the slide on her own, like a champ.
  • She's a big fan of reading books, and bathtime. 
  • She loves animals, especially dogs. 
  • She's a really big eater and loves food of any kind. 
  • She can climb like a monkey, loves to dance and sing, and is still obsessed with Baby Shark. 
  • I'm still her favorite person, with Adam coming in a close second and Adri following close behind. She also LOVES her Auntie Nal.
  • She takes one short nap a day and sleeps almost 12 hours a night, only waking to nurse. 
  • Oh, and she's OBSESSED with brushing her teeth!

Just recently she figured out what "No" means, and she says it all the time. If I ask her if she wants something, or if she can say a word the answer is 9 times out of 10, "NO!".

Sweet, stubborn, loveable, and with the cutest little laugh, Piper Mae, we love you so!


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