Memorial Day Weekend 2019

We had a busy and fun long weekend. The annual Memorial Day picnic was held at my dad's house in CT, and most of the family was there (Uncle Bub flew back from CA, and there were some small people especially glad to see him (see the first two photos)). We grilled out, the kiddos played, we took a walk by the ocean, and then some left, while others went back to the house to fill up on more burgers and hot dogs. It was a hot and humid weekend, filled with a lot of fun and even a trip to the art festival.
Back home again I'm trying to catch up after the long weekend rush (is anyone else a day behind?).
Today we have plans to take a trip to the library and bake a cheesecake (we'll see if both happen).

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Sounds like fun! I hope you take things easy. All will be caught up eventually.


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