after the weekend: a little bit of life/photos from my phone

We had a rather lazy, but eventful weekend at home. On Saturday Adam went fishing for the morning and while he was gone the girls and I made a dump run, grabbed some groceries, and went thrifting. It was the first nice day in weeks and we celebrated by taking a walk to the playground. After picking up Adam from his fishing (he caught two big trout!) adventure (he hiked down a river for about 4 miles), I took the girls to the playground down the road from us for a little while before dinner (the first playground was really busy and Piper had slept the whole time in the jogger).

Home again we made pizza for dinner (Sunday is usually Pizza Night, but I forgot to put the roasting chicken in so we switched meals). Adri made her own little(ish) deep dish pizza and was SO proud. The girls crashed early (they were so tired from the playgrounds) and I made my first mojito (I never had one before!) and watched a couple of episodes of Home Improvement, while Adam played video games.

Adam proudly showing off his trout that he caught in his parent's quarry. 

Sunday morning. Piper let me sleep in until 6:45 am (yay!) and then we got up and watched some Little Baby Bum while I drank my morning coffee. Adri woke a little later, and the girls played with toys. We took a morning walk on the local trails down the road from us, before it rained, and then let the girls play at the playground for a bit. Home again, I cleaned up, popped a roasting chicken in the oven, and Piper and I took a late morning nap. Afternoon baths, chicken dinner, and a Toy Story marathon ended our day.

Now I'm drinking coffee and preparing for my morning. Yesterday I got a bunch of deep cleaning in (bathroom, sink scrubbed, and floors mopped) so I'm feeling unusually on top of my game and ready for Monday.

Have a lovely day! 

All the photos below are from a few weeks ago when we stopped at Orivis. The girls loved the trout ponds and feeding the fish. Such a fun visit!