6 Spring books for children

At our weekly library trip last week I grabbed a few Spring themed books to read to the girls. These six books are delightful and easy to read to small children (even Piper enjoys them!). A great way to introduce and educate them on the changing seasons and Spring's arrival.

Spring Hare: Cute pictures, with no words. A little girl has adventures with her friend while hopping on the trampoline in the backyard. We usually don't like books without words, but this one was good and the girls liked it.

Finding Wild:  I was super excited about this book, and I did really like the illustrations, however, I have to admit that I'm not really a fan of the storyline. While it's kinda dreamy and descriptive (all about what is the wild outdoors), it wasn't very engaging, and Adri got a bit bored.

Lola Plants a Garden: This book, on the other hand, is perfect for little readers. It's about a little girl that plants her own garden and then has all her friends over to celebrate. Very good!

A Gardener's Alphabet: I love Mary Azarian's woodblock books, and this is one that we had growing up. It's a charming book, with the letters of the alphabet for different garden related things.

The Garden in the City (not pictured): I love, love this book. It follows two siblings that each plant a garden in their backyard in the city. This book is a little longer, but still SO good. If you've never read it please check it out! I highly recommend it.

In The Garden: Piper picked out this little board book. With single words that rhyme, it shows a little boy planting his garden and waiting for the seeds to sprout. A very sweet little book.