things I'm loving lately (new shampoo, a playground nearby, and more)

It's been a while since we had some favorites around here, so here's a little list of things I've loved lately. 

1. that cute little face up there. One of the perks of living on one level is being able to toss Piper in my bed at naptime to sleep. She sleeps way more soundly there, and it makes me a much happier mama ;)

2. Maple Holisitics kindy sent me a bottle of their Argan Oil Shampoo to try out, and I love it. It smells fantastic, but it also is super gentle (I can use it on the kiddos), and I love how shiny it gets my hair. Which is saying a lot, since my hair has still to make a recovery since Piper.

3. see that little flower there to the right? Spring is HERE! The sun has been shining, and we are getting all our Spring rains. Spring is my favorite season, and I'm so happy for warm weather. Long Northeast Winters are no joke. 

4. the week before last sister Sophia came and spent the week with us. We had a blast exploring the town and hanging out!
Piper still walks around the house calling for her in the mornings, and it's adorable.
Another thing to love is living right down the road from a playground. The girls are thrilled about it, and we go every day when it's not raining.

5. we love our new library. It's within walking distance, and they have the most delightful kid's room on a top floor. It's like being in a bird's nest. 

6. I've been watching the PBS version of Little Women (we started watching it yesterday when the sisters were over), and I have mixed feelings. I really like how they included so many elements from the book that never made it to most of the movies versions; however, I'm a die hard 1994 version fan and am having a hard time getting into the show. Did anyone else watch it? Thoughts? Yea? Nay? 

Today it lovely out and we are going to make our way to the playground this afternoon. The weekend is busy, with Easter Sunday (the girls are so excited), and Adam's and my 5th anniversary on Saturday (how can it be FIVE years?).

Have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. Lovely you are finding so much to enjoy in your new location!! Tis a good thing to bloom where planted!!

  2. I don't often comment but just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! Blessings on your Easter and your family.


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