Piper Mae: 19 Months Old

Little Miss is officially headed towards two years old! She's on the move, funny, adorable, and super stubborn. 
Piper is still learning new things every day. It's really amazing how those little minds absorb so much.

At 19 months old Piper can:

+Sing (Baby Shark is her all-time FAVORITE song).
+Feed herself.
+Talk. Only a little bit though. However, she does communicate really well, for all her quietness.

Piper loves:

+Bath time.
+Reading books.
+Playing with Adri.
+Eating. Food is her love language ;)
+Playing outside.
+All animals.
+Her family, and a few choice others. Her bubble is still pretty small.
+She still nurses (more than I'd like) every day, and sleeps about 12 hours a night, with one short mid-day nap.
+She has the sweetest little voice and says "Hi" and waves to everyone she sees.
+She's a little chunker, weighing in at 25 lbs. And she has the most beautiful long eyelashes.

We love you, Piper Mae!


  1. Aww...so cute! So lovely that your children are strong and healthy (even if recently sick). They have grown so much...seems each time you share you can see the inches!!


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