our week

Happy Saturday!
We had a super busy week, hence the Saturday post. Honestly, I feel like this is the first time I've had a moment to sit down all week. Tuesday we went to visit Adam's parents for the day, and then Wednesday I drove down to CT with the girls and spent the night (it's only a 2 hours drive, but I usually spend the night), and then we drove back Thursday. Thursday afternoon we took a hike and Adri showed Adam her new playground that we found (all the photos are from that day), and then yesterday I went shopping and we went to the library. 
I'm looking forward to next week being just a little bit quieter.
Anyway, our weekend: Adam's parents may be coming to visit today, although plans are still tentative, due to the rainy/cold weather. Tomorrow we don't have anything planned and I'm fine with that. I'm sure we'll stay in our p.js all day and wait to watch the 3rd Game of Thrones episode. 
Now that the weather is warming up I'm trying to get back into an exercising routine. If Adam is home I go for a walk/run on my own. If I'm home alone with the kiddos I pop them in the double jogger and take them with me. Even if it's a short walk it's always so nice to get out and MOVE.
I'm off to put a beef roast in the crock-pot, clean up a bit, and pour another cup of coffee. 

Have a great weekend!