Excellent Cookbooks For Children

Last week we finally got around to visiting our new library in town and signing up for cards. It's a wonderful library, and the children's favorite part is that there is a whole floor dedicated to the kid section. It's upstairs and it's big and sunny. That, combined with the fact that we can walk there, makes library days extra fun.

Adri has been really into cooking lately so we checked out some child-themed cookbooks for her. The recipes are easy and fun, plus she loves the illustrations. 

The Forest Feast for Kids: Colorful Vegetarian Recipes That Are Simple to Make.

This one is a beautiful book (and there are more of them too!). With lovely pictures and really easy and quick recipes, this is a hit. The only downside is that it does call for items that you probably don't have on hand, so the recipes would have to be planned in advance.

This little book is really, really wonderful. It's not a cookbook, but it's great just the same. With questions such as, "can you eat an orange? An olive? A sea urchin?" Adri LOVES this book and it's nice and short, while still teaching about foods. We've read it probably 15 times so far. 

I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter (unless I'm pregnant) but this is a neat little cookbook. It has tons of easy to make recipes and they all have peanut butter in them!  Pretty much everything is made of ingredients that you will already have on hand so this would be a great book to give to a child that is already able to read and follow simple recipes.

Does anyone else have a child that is obsessed with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Adri's a fan of the book and the movie/s, so of course, we had to grab this cookbook. It's got recipes for all the foods featured in the book/movie and it's fun. The recipes are more for, again, an older child, however, with my help, Adri will be able to make them.


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