after the weekend: trip to connecticut

Saturday was absolutely beautiful. It was the first day that really felt like SPRING. Last week was another busy one (buying a new vehicle, figuring out Adri's meds, and a bunch of work stuff) but by the weekend things slowed down, and I drove to CT with the girls to visit for the day. We took the most wonderful long hike by the ocean, and brought Sophia back with us to spend a week (Adri and Piper are thrilled).
Yesterday rained, however, today is sunny and warm so we are taking the kiddos to the playground and showing Sophia around town.
Happy April 1st! I feel like March flew by (moving house can do that) and we are in Spring now (not that I'm complaining), and it's wonderful.

Have a lovely Monday!


  1. Piper looks so big in that last photo! Have fun with Sophia. So amazing to think that Celesia was her age when your mom blogged!

    I'm really so happy for you all that you are close enough to family for a day trip!

  2. How lovely! I love spring and love Connecticut (though I've never been there). Your little sisters look all grown up. Nalia and Anjulina look a lot alike, I think. Enjoy spring!!


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