recent favorite amazon purchases

It's no secret that I love Amazon. Over the years I've found some amazing deals, and there's nothing that can beat placing an order and getting an item only a day later. It's the best.
With the move and all our adjusting to new stores and a new area, it's been especially nice to have our good old familiar online shopping place, Amazon, still at the ready, only a click away.
Here are some Amazon finds/purchase that I've been using and loving lately.

White noise machine.

I didn't buy this (although it did come from Amazon), but won it in a giveaway. We have this in Adri's room and it's the best ever. It has made the whole room/house transition so much easier with having this running in the background at night. New place, but still the same sounds for her.

DNA Kit.

I talked about how I was going to get this for Adam's birthday and I did! He still has to get the test results, but I'm already looking forward to getting my own. Also, this kit was one of the more "affordable" (read: under $100) kits that they sell. Perfect price point for me ;)

Baby Gate. 

No, we don't have stairs anymore, yes, we still need our trusty baby gate to keep Piper the Busy corraled. I've tried so many baby gates and this one is my favorite.

The Grace of Enough.

I know I talked about Haley's book back when I bought and read it last year. But I feel that it deserves another mention. Only because it was so helpful as we downsized in preparation for our move. We had to fit a 2400 sq ft house into a 26 ft moving truck and travel almost 200 miles, and unpack in a much smaller house. It was a challenge, but we did it!

Booster Seat.

Before moving we gave away our highchair. The decision was made for a few reasons, #1, Piper hated using it and wanted to sit at the table like Adri, #2, it was big and bulky, and #3 it was old. We got it used and it made its way through both kiddos. I bought this a booster seat and it does a great job, keeps the Pipes happy, and is also super easy to clean.

My Little Pony Chutes and Ladders. 

Adri is really into playing board games now and I've been teaching her this one. She loves My Little Pony, so it's a pretty big hit.

Metal Fish Tank Stand. 

Another random purchase. The hutch that we had my 45-gallon fish tank on (that was in the kitchen) finally saw the end and we decided to get a real tank stand. This one was so easy to put together, and believe it or not, incredibly sturdy.


Okay, this is not really something to "use" but it's on Amazon, so it made the cut. I just recently started watching the show (I've read a few of the books and years ago watched the 1975 version, so I'm already very familiar with is) and I have to say I love it (along with everyone else). The casting is perfect, the filming is good, I love the costumes, and the music and scenery are SO peaceful.
*side note for all you Poldark lovers. Scent Pop Candles just released a Poldark collection! They look incredible.