ready for the weekend!

Happy happy FRIDAY! I'm so ready for the weekend! We've been sick all week with a bad stomach bug, and the girls are still not any better. I think that we are going to take things easy for the next couple day and hope that they feel better soon. 
The past couple of days have been overcast and rainy. We had a little snow this morning that is turning to rain now. 
I think that despite feeling under the weather we are going to have to venture out the store to grab a couple of things. The girls are both sleeping right now, so here's to hoping that they wake up feeling a little less miserable
On a brighter note, the kiddos crashed early last night and Adam was working, so I settled in and watched Mary Poppins Returns, with Emily Blunt. It was really good! Basically a newer version of the original Mary Poppins with a few minor changes to the storyline.
Dinner tonight is a new experiment. I'm making venison meat hand pies. They have b.b.q. sauce, ground venison, carrots, potatoes, onion, and are wrapped in pastry dough. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Please take care of yourself and the little ones. I hope you get plenty of rest in your lovely, cozy, welcoming home.


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